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Frequently Asked Questions

What events are currently scheduled on the Pollard calendar?

Please call (865) POLLARD (765-5273) to check Pollard’s availability. Our facility coordinators will be happy to assist you.

How do I make arrangements to take an on-site tour of Pollard?

Please call (865) POLLARD (765-5273) to set up an on-site tour.

How much does it cost to rent Pollard?

Pollard has several meeting room spaces available for rent, so prices vary. View our rate list, or to discuss pricing, please call (865) POLLARD (765-5273).

Can Pollard rental space be donated for free?

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) is a partner with the city of Oak Ridge. ORAU established the Pollard Technology Conference Center to provide the city of Oak Ridge and surrounding areas a state-of-the-art center to support technology and economic development initiatives. The donation of space is at the discretion of ORAU. Please call (865) POLLARD (765-5273) to discuss your request.

Can I see a copy of Pollard’s rental contract?

Sample rental contracts for businesses and for individuals are available for you to view. If you have any questions, please call (865) POLLARD (765-5273).

Can I reserve my own event caterer?

Pollard has a list of approved caterers. If your event requires a caterer, one must be selected from this list.

Can I serve alcohol at my Pollard event?

Alcohol can be served on weekdays after 4:30 p.m. EST and at any time on weekends. Pollard has its own list of approved caterers who are licensed to serve alcohol. If your event includes alcohol, an appropriate caterer must be selected from our list.

Can I bring my own food and ice?

Pollard has its own list of approved caterers. If your event requires a caterer, one must be selected this list.

Pollard has an on-site ice machine that is available and free for use by rental customers.

Does Pollard have an on-site kitchen?

Pollard has an on-site, full-service catering kitchen.

Can I decorate Pollard for my event?

Please review our usage guidelines for details on decorations.

In summary, decorations are limited to items that can be easily removed without significant cleaning. Glitter, hay, or other loose items scattered on the floor, walls, windows, or other areas are not permitted.

No open flame lighting devices may be used in the facility.

Painting of any kind within the facility is strictly prohibited.

Pollard’s breakout rooms are equipped with tackable surface walls. Nothing may be taped, tacked, or in any way affixed to the facility’s glass, walls, doors, or ceilings on any interior or exterior surface of the facility without prior approval.

No screws, nails, etc. may be driven into any part of the facility.

Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of booth-marking tape, carpet tape, and tape residue left on floors. Failure to remove tape or tape residue will result in labor and materials charges assessed against the user.

Pollard policy prohibits the covering of building signage, art, emergency procedures, or other building surfaces without written prior permission.

If you have questions, please call (865) POLLARD (765-5273).

Does Pollard have round tables available?

No round tables are available. Pollard has two types of rectangular tables available—nine 6-foot by 30-inch tables and 36 6-foot by 24-inch tables. Tables are included in the rental price. Linens are not available. See the list of local rental companies for vendors that offer linen rental.

Does Pollard provide table linens?

Linens are not available. See the list of local rental companies for vendors that offer linen rental.

How many individual chairs does Pollard have available for use?

Pollard has 149 chairs available for use.

Is on-site parking available?

Free on-site parking is available.

Are the facilities handicap accessible?

Yes, all facilities are handicap accessible.

Are there hotels located nearby?

Yes, please the listing of local hotels. Transportation and area attraction information is also available.