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Usage Guidelines

The Pollard Technology Conference Center (PTCC) is a partner with the city of Oak Ridge to serve the city of Oak Ridge and surrounding areas by offering a state-of-the-art center to support technology and economic development initiatives through a facility owned by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).

Americans with Disabilities Act
Our facility meets all requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (accessible doors, restrooms, parking, etc.) Should your event require interpreters and/or other accommodations, you will need to provide those.

All live animals are prohibited in PTCC with the exception of guide and service animals.

Business Support Services
We provide support services for copying and faxing as needed during your event. Since we are a small staff, we encourage you to have your copying completed before your event; however, we can handle occasional small to medium copying jobs.

Copying:     $.10 per page for black and white copies; $1.00 per page for color copies
Faxing:       $2 for the first page, $.10 for each additional page

Any cancellation of an event scheduled at the PTCC must be made 10 days in advance. After the cancellation date has passed, user agrees to pay 50 percent of the rental amount. In the event PTCC is able to rent the reserved space to another user, the amount received by PTCC will be credited against the canceling user’s obligation.

If catering is needed for your event, you may select a caterer from our approved list of caterers. If you wish to use a caterer not on this list, you must obtain prior written approval, and the caterer must complete an approved caterer application. No food or beverage may be brought into the facilities without using an approved caterer or without the expressed advance written consent of the Pollard Event Coordinator (EC).

*Caterers, please review our catering information if you would like to become an approved caterer.

Custodial Services
Trash receptacles are available in each meeting room. Any cleaning charges incurred by PTCC beyond our normal cleaning charges will be assessed to your event.

If any facility equipment, walls, floors, etc., are accidentally damaged, please call the EC immediately so that we can begin repair or restoration.

Decorations are limited to items that can be easily removed without significant cleaning. There shall be no glitter, hay, or other loose items scattered on the floor, walls, windows, or other areas. (See Defacing of Building)

Defacing of Building
Painting of any kind within the facility is strictly prohibited. Nothing may be taped, tacked, or in any way affixed to the facility’s glass, walls, doors, or ceilings on any interior or exterior surface of the facility without the approval of the EC. No screws, nails, etc. may be driven into any part of the facility. Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of booth-marking tape, carpet tape, and tape residue left on floors. Failure to remove tape or tape residue will result in labor and materials charges assessed against the user. The EC can assist in locating appropriate placement for all signage; all of the breakout rooms are equipped with tackable surface walls. Building policy prohibits the covering of building signage, art, emergency procedures or other building surfaces without the written permission of the PTCC. (See Decorations)

Emergency Equipment
No emergency exits, phones, alarms, sprinkler valves, or hose connections may be obstructed by booths, stands, signs, displays, or any other items of exhibit.

Event Contact
You or your representative must be onsite at PTCC during the setup of your event and the event itself.

Event Coordinator
An event coordinator (EC) will be assigned by PTCC to each event held at the PTCC. The EC will be your contact person throughout the planning stages of your event as well as the on-site contact during your event, and can be reached at (865) 576-3169. During the use of the PTCC, the EC is responsible for activities occurring in the facility. All decisions made by the EC shall be final.

No tables/chairs may be removed from other rooms without the permission of the EC.

Hazardous Materials
The use, storage, and introduction or removal of toxic waste or non-biodegradable waste are not permitted in drains. Fluids, chemicals, petroleum-based products, medical and biological waste, hazardous waste, and contaminated materials must be identified and disposed of in the manner mandated by local, state and federal regulations. OSHA requires that all containers of hazardous materials be labeled with the identity of the hazardous materials contained therein, and appropriate hazard warnings.

A half-day rental is defined as less than five (5) hours. A whole-day rental is defined as five to nine (5 to 9) hours. If you exceed the event hours outlined in your signed rental agreement, you will be charged $100 for each additional hour you remain in our facility. Any event exceeding nine (9) hours may cause the renter to pay for the next half-day or whole-day increment. Please note that this also pertains to set-up time and clean-up time.

Lighting and Climate Control
The user has the ability to control the lighting for each rented room. The climate for individual rooms may also be adjusted by the user five degrees below or above the preset temperature.

Lost and Found
Any items left at the PTCC following an event will be placed in the lost and found. To retrieve or turn in lost items, call (865) 576-3169 or contact the EC.

Open Flames
No open flame lighting devices may be used in the facility.

Outside Rentals
The EC must approve all deliveries of rented items for your event. See our list of local rental companies for additional furniture needs.

PTCC provides free parking for all events.

Parties, Reunions, and Personal Receptions
Room reservations for a personal event or by an individual require a $500 damage deposit. If, at the end of your event, everything is returned to proper order, your deposit will be returned to you within seven (7) business days.

A very limited number of phones are available for local and credit card calls. If your event will need continual access to more than one phone or for long distance calls for its participants, your rental of a cellular phone may be appropriate. You may contact the cellular company of your choice.

No smoking is permitted in the facility. Smoking areas are available outside of the building.

Special Utilities
Additional utilities, including telephone services, special computer requirements, and electrical services, must be ordered 30 days prior to the event date. The EC can assist with any special needs.

Storage for crates, packing material, or freight of any kind will not be provided.

Tent Permits
Tents may be erected outside the PTCC with a 30-day notice, the expressed written consent of the EC, and coordination with the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) facilities department. Guidelines and policy forms regarding tent set-up are available from the city of Oak Ridge.