The Pollard Technology Conference Center (PTCC) will maintain a list of caterers who are approved to prepare and deliver food for meetings and events. PTCC users are required to select caterers from this list in order to ensure that all health, safety, property, and insurance requirements are met.

Caterer’s Guidelines

Outlines our policies for approved caterers on serving alcohol and using the kitchen, setting up, and cleaning up.

Only approved caterers may provide catering services for events held at Pollard Technology Conference Center (PTCC). Complete an application to become an approved caterer or contact the PTCC event coordinator at 865-POLLARD (865-765-5273). There is no charge to become an approved caterer.

Approved Caterers and Bartenders

Lists approved caterers, their contact information, and descriptions of their services.

Application Form

To become an approved caterer, you must complete the form and provide a current and correct:

  1. Certificate of Insurance
  2. Health Permit
  3. Alcohol License (if applicable)

If you are interested in becoming an approved PTCC caterer and agree to abide by these requirements, please complete the Caterer Application Form (above), and send Health Permit, Alcohol License (if applicable), and a Certificate of Insurance to the following address:

Pollard Technology Conference Center
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Event Coordinator
P.O. Box 117, MS-44
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-0117

Upon receipt of these documents, your application will be reviewed. If approved, you will be notified and your company will be added to the approved caterers list.

The approval is valid for one year and is subject to renewal.